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Picnics and Intimate Events

I love intimate events, it is easier to make these events more luxurious while being more economically conscious. I stumbled across this company called The Picnic Collective. They are an event company based out of the OC (California) that plans luxury picnics for special occasions. It inspired me to write this blog. Look at a few of their posts.

I love events like these that are just small get togethers but, in style. It’s the whole aesthetic behind my business. Picnics are such a cute idea for any event from birthdays and proposals, to baby showers and girls trips. If you love this idea and want Life’s Sweet Moments to plan something like this for your next event hit us up on any of the social media. For those who want to plan themselves I thought I would give a DIY/ Inspo board for a picnic if I was planning one for my own get together in the city. Hopefully you can get some ideas and implement them in your next event!

1. Location:

The beach is always a cool choice and doing this on a public beach like North Avenue beach is a cheaper option. That way you do not have to pay for permits or venue rentals. But for my event I am choosing an indoor place so I can do this at anytime of the year, and I am in love with the aesthetics that are Company 251. The inside is so bright and kind of rustic and I love the idea of picnic anywhere

2. Food:

Whenever Planning a picnic of any sort it’s great to always have food that will not need refrigeration. I have several great recipes on my food blog (madefromavocados) that would be good picnic food especially a Charcuterie board. Rather than doing a cheese board it would be th whole table. I also love the idea of having a smaller table of desserts of cakes or chocolate covered fruits.

For the chicago area I suggest these places for desserts:

  1. I worked with toni on weddings and omg everything she makes is absolutly beautiful and taste sooo good.

  2. I ordered cupcakes for a staff birthday and I love how customizable they also how they have vegan and gluten free options

  3. This is a mexican inspired icecream and dessert place and it is innovative and the best flavors.

3. Decor:

Less is more, at the end of the day I am the one planning this I love simple decors that do not take away from the event and food. I want to be able to see everyone and also not have a long and exhausting clean up time. I love using succulents as floral decorations. They are environmentally friendly and also very low maintenance. Other than that getting some candels and colored cheesecloth as runner’s off of amazon can really elevate the decor and it’s perfect for the occasion. 

Amazon has everything sometimes, Also cute blankets and throw pillows to sit on can be aquired there as well.

I hope you enjoyed my inspo board for a pinic or intimate event. Let me know your ideas and what you love at your picnic and where!

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