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Event Types: Showers and Other Events

We Recently had a comment to post more about our previous post “Event Season is Coming” We will be starting a series on the types of events that can be planned but more specifically what events we plan. Today’s topic is Showers!



We are not only event planners meaning we coordinate with vendors and venues we are also event designers this means that we help with any design and set up for events. For showers this means helping with theme decorations and designs, fun innovative reveal ideas and implementation and all the fun favors and or gifts. We offer day of set ups and days prior putting together gift bags or favors or games.

Bridal Shower-

Event Tip: bridal showers are a time to give gifts of meaning, spend time with those to whom you are close and embrace this next step in life. We suggest stepping away from the traditional doing something more innovative. We suggest checking out this article from Party Slate for some cool ideas. Here are our top innovative bridal shower ideas

  1. Wine Tasting:

  2. Having a day to spend with close friends and family tasting wine and having fun wine tasting games and events! It’s such an elegant yet innovative idea one of our favorites there is such a wide opportunity for creativity.

  1. Cooking Bridal Shower:

  2. Sometimes the best events are the ones that are super low-key and centered around something you and your guests love doing. If culinary arts are your thing or you just love spending time in the kitchen this is the cutest way to celebrate a bridal shower. Find a local cooking class or if you want something a little more special doing a personal venue where you can decorate and have the shower around the class it will be a shower to remember.

  1. Fitness Bridal Shower:

  2. This is our final bridal shower idea, we are fitness freaks and like in the other two suggestions are strong believers that the best way to make an event a life moment is doing something personal and enjoyable. We love the idea of renting out a yoga/barre/spin studio having favors of personalized tote bags, yoga mats, water bottles, ectera. There can be challenges between the two teams of people getting married. There are so many cute ideas that we love.

Baby Showers-

Event Tip: whether you are doing a gender reveal, a name reveal or just an event to celebrate the life being brought into this world, themes and games will make this event a success. Games that are fun and silly but keep guest entertained coupled with food and drinks that play so well into a theme makes this event memorable.

  1. Traditional:

  2. We love the creativity that comes to play for baby showers, from gender reveal to fun games, to just spending time with family and friends. We once got to help out with a baby shower and rather than doing a gender reveal it was a sunflower themed party and both the husband and wife were there with all their family and friends. It was filled with ingenious play on words desserts and hors d’oeuvres. Here are our favorite baby shower name/gender reveal ideas we have seen:

  3. Colored powder in a hockey puck, baseball, basketball etcetera

  4. We are sports fanatics through and through and when we saw a hockey puck gender reveal this summer we loved the idea. It is innovative, fun and such a cute picture.

  5. Balloons

  6. We love balloons and are 100% supporters that they make any event better, it is so traditional but some traditional things are timeless and this is defiantly one of them. Whether it is confetti or a present with balloons inside, we love it.

  7. Cake

  8. Okay who doesn’t like cake? We love this idea for name reveals, instead of putting a single colored sugar pearls in the middle it is the letters that spell out the name. It can also play into a fun game with the guests as well!

  9. Bonfire

  10. This was another idea we saw that we fell in love with, being from the Midwest bonfires are a summer party necessity. You can purchase logs that will turn the smoke or flame of the fire blue or pink for a gender reveal. It’s such a relaxing and calm way to do a gender reveal.

  11. Games

  12. We love game nights and are always forcing our friends and family into them. A cute gender/name reveal can be during your games at the shower, charades, heads up, even spy-fall

  13. Non-Traditional:

  14. Adoption Shower:

  15. I fell down a hole the other night on Instagram looking at pictures and videos of adoption and foster announcements. We are huge supporters of fostering and adopting children, and one of our main non-profits we support is Together We Rise. It’s an organization that supports various foster agencies nationwide and is a support system for those in the foster care system. Once again I digress, announcing that you will be becoming a foster parent or adopting a child in any capacity is a means to celebrate in my book. Announcing this news can be made in a similar fashion as a baby shower even if it is a little bit less traditional.

Other Events:

Thank you so much for following along on the event types we help plan! We hope you enjoyed the blog articles and the little tips we have found that make a large impact on the event. There are so many other types of events and are always looking for the newest thing in events and creative event types. If you have an event idea and are looking for a planner send us an email and we would love to help out. We want to here the most innovative and crazy party and event ideas you have. Send us an email share or comment below!

If you are looking for a wedding planner we will gladly suggest checking out Storybook, they do weddings all over the world!

The Rest of the Series:

Are you Looking for an Event Planner? Check out Life’s Sweet Moments and follow along on our social media sites! Also send us an email with any questions or inquiries!

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