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Our Story

I have almost a decade of experience working in the event industry. During the time working in events I've noticed a few things:

  1. Most event hosts were so stressed out that they were not enjoying the event themselves

  2. Clients were overpaying or settling for vendors that they would not have initially chosen because they were unaware of other options and opportunities.

I wanted to create a niche in the event industry that was comprised of all the sweet moments in life. We love the big proposal and engagement moments as much as we love the weekends away and intimate dinners moments. I believe that everyone deserves the option to plan their best event no matter the type.

At LSM Events we are strong advocates of consumers demanding social responsibility of the businesses they support  and giving back to the community. When we work with clients we give back to our community in the form of donations or organizing charity events for various non-profit and charitable organizations. We do not charge extra for this as we do it because as a business we are fortunate enough to have the ability to give back. 

We can not wait to help plan your next event!

-Lauren B. (owner of LSM Events) 


We are living in a different world these days, therefore,  Life's Sweet Moments Events have taken the following precautions in order to keep our staff, clients and community healthy and safe. If you have any additional questions concerning covid19 procedures you can reach out to us at! Thank you and we look for​ward to being part of your next sweet moment!

COVID19 Procedures:

  • LSME planners and staff will be wearing masks whenever working with our clients and vendors as well as when setting up Luxury Picnic sites.

  • We will be obliging by CDC guidelines when it comes to event sizes and precautions. 

  • We work with vendors who are also taking steps to ensure safe and healthy event environments

  • We have contactless Luxury Picnic Packages that are perfect for any event! 

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