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Event Types: Proposals and Vacations

We Recently had a comment to post more about our previous post “Event Season is Coming” We will be starting a series on the types of events that can be planned but more specifically what events we plan. Today’s topic is Proposals and Vacations!

When I am writing this I just helped out with a wedding with Storybook Wedding and Events, and it was so beautiful. From the people to the actual event. (Obviously photos to follow. )

Head table and Wedding Cake by Toni’s

Table Decor by Vale of Enna

Rosé cart at Fairlie

We loved this wedding because the brides were beautiful inside and out and everything about the event was beautiful. The love was so real that even small mishaps didn’t deter the beauty of this event. That got us thinking about all the the beautiful ways to do proposals. We are also going to be going over planning a vacation and how we as an event planner help plan a vacation!


As we mentioned above we love helping with weddings and even love proposals. We actually love planning surprises of any type but proposals are such an important life moment how can we not love it! We strongly believe that the proposal and wedding should be a reflection on the nature of the relationship and marriage moving forth. Just like marriage we encourage our clients to think about their wants in a proposal and also their significant other’s wants and desires for a proposal. That is our event tip for this type if you consider both parties in the relationship when planning this it will be special for everyone and will always be a night to remember.

What We do:

We offer 2 things when it comes to proposals.

  1. We can have our client fill out an info sheet about them and their significant other and we will come up with ideas for proposals that we think will fit them both and be a beautiful event within their budget range. This can include finding venues or location, decor, and special throw ins to make this event super special. We help our client make decisions about how public they want their proposal to be and what would make it the most meaningful. Then we can do booking, scheduling, and making sure everything goes amazing!

  2. For our clients that know exactly how they want the proposal to go but may need a little help with booking and decor set up we offer day of set up and booking and vendor management. We do whatever they need to make the event as stress free and enjoyable as it possibly can be.

To email us about a proposal you have coming up send us an email at


We are most definitely the ones on vacations that have a list and schedule for everything, and we do believe that vacations are events. It can be a reunion with college friends, a family get away or just a much needed self care. Our tip for this event is research, most of the time when I go on vacation I do not have an unlimited budget so I have to look more carefully into opportunities to enjoy the location but not spend all my money. As with all event prioritizing the things that matter the most to you whether it is finding great restaurants, the hotel, or the activities you do and then plan around that central thing. When my old college roommate and I travel I know food is super important to her so we pick 3 places in the city to eat and then plan our hotel and activities around that. When I travel by myself I like more active things like snorkeling and scuba diving, and work out classes on the beach and I will research the costs of those things and plan the rest of the trips accordingly.

What we do:

We are event planners, designers and managers we can put together different options in our client’s price ranges and let them decide what best fits their needs then we do scheduling and if the vacation is to celebrate something we try to plan in something a little more special for them and get the deals. It is our job so all they have to do is get on the plane/boat or in the car and enjoy their vacation.

To email us about a proposal you have coming up send us an email at

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