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Donut Walls and Guacamole Bars

What is this? We are bloging again?!

First off, yes I am back to bloging and by I, I mean me Lauren, I am still planning events and you will still be getting a ton of event content on my various social medias and can request even planning and consoltations, but I also wanted to make a brand for myself and share all the amazing events that I get to work on with my various jobs. As for the blog, I will write blogs whenever I can or have something cool to say that way the content is more enjoyable rather than forced. Now that all of that is out the way…. The wedding planning company I work for went to a chicago wedding planning symposium event. The event showcased various venues and vendors and new and upcoming trends in weddings and wedding planning. There was so many cool things and ideas but these two really stuck out and with any event you are planning you can incorperate into your event.

I introduce Donut Walls :

Fire Cakes in Chicago does the most beautiful donut displays. The reason I really love donut walls is because I love event details that are non-traditional, like a simple white cutting cake for a wedding. Also donuts are so versitile you can have cake or normal, and a plethera of different flavors that can a pease a diverse group. Also Donut walls is a really cool and inexpensive way to do a desert or brunch table at your next event. This can be the diy verson of your wedding or a fun bonding for a birthday. charity event or baby shower.

To make a donut wall this is what you will need:

  1. 25” x 37” Pegboard

  2. or Birch plywood

  3. Wood dowels

  4. You can find these at home depot. I would say 2 1/2 X 48″ dowels should be enough. Make sure that if you use a pegboard the size of the holes will fit the dowel sizes you are atempting to use.

  5. Donuts

  6. event tip: the flavors you choose can be color cordinated to match the events themes. If you really want to be 100% diy then you can bake your own cake donuts! (We have our favorite receipe on our food blog!)

  7. Ruler or measuring tape

  8. Scissors

  9. Pencil

  10. Medium sandpaper

  11. Handsaw

  12. if you do not have access to tools some hardware stores will let you rent them, or will be willing to cut any wood you need cut for free. (I always go to homedepot)

  13. Wood glue

  14. Drill and bits


  1. Paint in your favorite color

  2. Paint roller

  3. 12 – 6” gold paper doilies

  4. 12 – 4” white paper doilies

  5. Removable wall paper or contact paper

  6. 8” x 10” chalkboard

  7. Fine tip chalk pen

How to build your board: It is really simple to build cut your dowels down depending on how many donuts you want per peg. Prep and measure out your plywood or pegboard and assemble. Hot glue or wood glue should be strong enough to hold your donuts. Then you can decorate your board to match your table and set up and enjoy. A fun quick way to spice up your event.

Speaking of spicing up events……. Guacamole/ Salsa Bar. I have done weddings with a checutere bar and my wedding planning company has done weddings in italy with a pizza bar, which are such cool things. For some events those may be a bit much and also I love a guacamole bar. It is so easy to do if you are diying it and it adds something special to your event. I saw this idea from Cocina Fusion

A common question when it comes to events is how to feed the guests of the events. A buffet table is always the easiest and most ecconomically conscious option. But sometimes it unfavorable because of common and noncreative buffet displays. Things like donut walls and a guacamole bars are super innovate ways to feed your guests and add something to your event!

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