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Innovation and Inspiration

There is this trend in society today where everyone wants to fit in by being praised for their individuality. It’s like how growing up basically every girl in my class had the crossbody Coach bag and I got one in black because I wanted to be “different”. Most of the time we are afraid to step out of that socially approved norm for being different that we end up calling common idea’s innovation.

In business we see it so often; businesses going for innovative ideas that are solely variations of the similar business archetypes. Communication. Social Media. Appealing to youth trends. All the while not changing their method of doing business or their fundamental corporate ideals. Their marketing may be becoming more innovative but there is so much more potential than just that.

Innovation: a new method, idea or product.

Innovation isn’t calm cool and collected. It’s not immediately accepted methods and ideas. Innovation is sleepless nights, changing your mind. It’s countless failures. I don’t mean losing one client or one account it’s the moments where your business does not seem successful. Innovation is that feeling of cliff diving and those seconds before you hit the water that are simultaneously filled with doubt and fear and excitement and beauty and utter terror.

I have had the pleasure of working for some truly innovative businesses this past year. A wedding venue in an old factory building expanding into a hotel one room at a time. A food truck that sells champagne and champagne walls? A luxury floral company that gives back to its community? A hotel that markets dogs and pineapples? All of these businesses are 4-5 star businesses that started off with a crazy idea but now has a legacy of greatness. When I tell people about Flowers for Dreams, Company 251, or Staypineapple Hotel they are impressed by those companies. The names hold elegance and innovation and luxury. But they started out as far off ideas and moments of “maybe we should buy a storefront and be a catering business?” They had moments of “this market doesn’t even exist that I want my business to grow in.” But they created the market and fought through the doubts.

We all have that crazy idea or dream that is truly innovation to our own lives. Most will play it safe and stay within those lines where we know others have succeeded. But I hope at least one will create their dreams, build your own market, jump off that cliff. It won’t always be fun but then maybe one day someone will use your story and speak about how you were the epitome of innovation to them.

Those were just a few examples and I love shouting out small businesses or business that started small. I love acknowledging female run and driven businesses. Also I love quirky and innovative methods and business. So if you are ever in any of these areas check out these businesses support them follow their social media.

  1. Company 251

  2. StayPineapple Hotels

  3. The Bubbly Truck

  4. Flowers for Dreams

Also comment and tell us what business you think encapsulates innovation or something you did or want to do that would add innovation to your life!

For us it is starting this event planning business. Even though there are so many event planning businesses out there we have goals and dreams and it’s our innovation. So if you or anyone you know is looking for an event planner…. You know what to do send us an email at

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