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Event Season is Coming

We are two months away from the official launch of our business on July 26th 2019! If you are not already excited we know you will be after this announcement. We have a Facebook page and event page called Life’s Sweet Moments and on our event page we will be announcing things like giveaways and ways everyone can get involved in our business. Today we are announcing our first exclusive…. 20% off initial consultations to everyone who schedules an appointment by the date of the launch July 26th. The purpose of the blog today is to clear up some questions you all might have so you can go on and email us at to start the process of booking an appointment!

First being what is the initial consultation appointment? This is the appointment where we sit down and get to know each other as client and planner and also you get to tell me in person your vision for your event. We discuss things like what would you like my roll as the planner to be in this process and your budget. We establish a game plan on how the timeline leading up to your event will look like as well as budgeting, future appointments and payment specifics.

Now the even more fun part! What events do we plan. Also for people reading this blog who are like us and just love having events for myself and you need an excuse to throw an event here we are. We have listed below a general idea of the events we plan but we are more than happy to plan an event that is not on this list.


  1. Engagement Parties

  2. Corporate Parties

  3. Cocktail/Dinner Parties

  4. Birthday Parties

  5. Graduation Parties

  6. bachelor/bachelorette parties


  1. Baby Showers

  2. Bunches

  3. Reunions

  4. Girls/Guys Trips

  5. Proposals

  6. Fundraisers

Thank you all for tuning into the blog today. Don’t forget to book your consultations. Remember the 20% off is for consultations dates before July 26th! You can send us questions or event inquiries at! Have a great week everyone!

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