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Balance and Positivity

Happy Wednesday! Welcome back to another blog. At work the other week my coworker made a comment as a joke how she wanted to be Instagram famous. I responded with Absolutely not, I don’t think I can be the type of person who could be in the public eye. I say this not to say I am ingenuous or a terrible person, but more so I am a private person and not a super peppy person in my private life. My coworker looked shocked and said how I always seemed so positive online. Thus the beginnings of a new blog.

This past year has taught me that positvity is not equitable to happiness. As a young female entrepreneur it is my responsibility to put out a message of positivity but also show empathy to humanity. There are several Instagram accounts I love to follow because they are young influential individuals that are doing that very thing attempting to convey a message of constant positivity but also admitting that they are humans too and life happens and it is never all sunshine and rainbows but the only way to get through it is being positive. Definitely should check out Casey Ho, and Pointe Chronicles.

Let’s talk about what is positvity and how does it balance in the real world. Being positive does not mean that someone is not allowed to be upset when unsatisfactory things happen but its not allowing those emotions to negatively impact your everyday life. In event planning its so important to have the balance between being human and staying positive. We always want our clients to feel comfortable with and around ourselves and our teams. Them having the peace of mind knowing that we won’t let a bad situation impede our jobs but also have the empathy to understand that sometimes life gets tough makes the relationship stronger. We can then do our jobs better.

In order to maintain that balance between being a human and dealing with life and being a professional that needs to maintain an positive attitude, I like to remind myself to feel. To allow myself to grieve and give myself the moment and space to be angry and anxious, and to just acknowledge my feelings as a reaction to what is happening in life. If I try to ignore it and try to be “happy” so I can be positive, negativity seems to come back ten-fold and its not conducive to my mental health or work life.

Let us know what helps you stay positive throughout your day and work?

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