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Intense Times and Intentional Buying

I am never one to beat around the bush or sugar coat things so here we go… We are currently living in a world on fire on so many levels. Everything going on right now has exposed so much about how we operate as a society but more importantly how businesses view their employees. I have worked and worked for a few different companies and it was simultaneously interesting and heartbreaking seeing the way the companies treated their employees. I am fortunate enough to yet to be intensely impacted by the financial and economic fall out of the virus and the reaction to it, but not everyone is that lucky. I know companies that are working to not only pay their hourly and part time employees (Salary will generally always be paid) but also I have bosses who work to give resources and find temporary jobs for those who really need it and want it. That was so amazing, because this is a time that no one has ever been in and everyone is anxious and terrified and to have to adjust to the current normal but on top of it have enough empathy and respect for the work your subordinates do to look out for them speaks volumes. There are companies who know they will struggle financially from the state being in lockdown and having to temporarily slow or stop operations that are continuing to find ways to support businesses that may not have the resources to reopen after all is said and done. I love this so much I have a boss that is quarantined with their family terrified, their children is terrified, and they have to figure out how much impact this will do to their work and their family, but still continued to support and ask other to support small business and local business owners, again it speaks so much volume and hope. On the other side of that same coin, unfortunately I know companies that gave no heed warning no 24 hours just layed off 90% of staff cut their benefits. I have coworkers who are terrified about being evicted and others who had to move home with their parents in hours because they knew they couldn’t afford to stay in the city, without a job or the paycheck they were supposed to get the next day that was not coming.

All of this being said, whenever I do charity events and work with the individuals or organizations throwing the event, I always tell them to look into the companies that will be sponsoring or donating to the cause. Anything they spend money on also looks into those businesses because I am a strong believer about being intentional with your purchases and the business you support. This is something that goes beyond charity events. The next time you have an event at a hotel or restaurant, take a look into the company. Are you supporting a company that mistreats their employees, that only supports it C-suite and managers. What did that company or business do during this time? Did they only try to continue to get business and revenue instead of helping those that needs help. I know this is not common information, but I encourage you to ask your server next time, do they like working there? Don’t get them in trouble, but it’s good to be mindful and aware.

During this time currently, support your local businesses, and events and hospitality industry! Do not cancel wedding and events dates, or if you have photo-shoots do not cancel try to reschedule. Work with them, this is their livelihood. Most photographers are freelance, and a lot of people in the event industry work event by event (Like Me). Please support small businesses, in times like this chains, and corporations will take a hit but they will be okay there are several small businesses and family owned businesses that may not be able to reopen their doors at the end of this whole thing. If you are eating out, be safe and look local and family owned. I know in Chicago a lot of businesses are doing deals for take out and delivery food wise. Also for other small and family owned businesses look how you can support! I will be trying to shout out as many small and local businesses I can on my Instagram (lbellenevents) so check that out for ideas and there’s a slide that asks for others so you can give me more selections and we can help our favorite places together!

If you can let’s help each other out, as a community, as a nation, as a human society. If your biggest struggle right now is being bored at home and like me sick of binging netflix, think about how you can help. I refuse to mitigate anyone’s struggle because it is their own and I have no say on it. At the same time my heart breaks for families who lost their only source of income, and they have children to feed and do not know how. Foster the Love and Together We Rise, posted about foster youth, and how with colleges closing there are going to be a ton of homeless children, and youth out there. There will be a ton of children whose only safe place was school, who are now forced to stay in homes of abuse and neglect. It all absolutely destroys my heart because I am struggling working from home and not seeing my friends. There are a ton of other negative repercussions of this pandemic. Any way you can help those who need it is impactful! Even if it’s just sharing organizations, and causes to others who may be able to give. Everything counts and helps..

The best way we as a society can help this situation, is to stay at home, not just now. But if you feel sick after the mandated quarantine is over stay home, take medicine and get better first. Do not try to sneak and see your friends or significant others during this time. Be considerate, remember social distancing and stay safe.

If you are going mad in the house here are somethings I have been doing to keep sane and occupying time:

1- Watching and learning Dances from Youtube. This one is one of my favorites, I put it in slow time and try to follow step by step. And it’s not normally long sets or routines so it’s easier.

2- Watching Instagram Lives. Admittedly a guilty pleasure but PK and LV do this thing called “Tub Talks” almost every night and talk all things from health and fitness, hockey and the nhl, to just life and it a great 20 mins and I learn stuff. Like did you all know your body starts losing muscle mass after 2 days and cardio endurance after 4 days of not working out?????

3- Working out, with Instagram challenges and online yoga/Pilates Programs. I love Cassey Ho and her company blogilates for so many reasons but as I was writing this my friend texted me and wants to do one of her 100 challenges because now we have no excuse, also her videos are so short and not easy but flexible to your skill level. And Barre3 and others have only classes for you to work out from home and it helps me deal with my anxiety in a safe and healthy manner.

4- Puzzles, Games and Creatively Communicating. This quarantine has turned me into a gamer I played fortnight for the first time and it was kinda fun, I also play the sims… I may have built 6 versions of my dream home and family (Absolutely no shame.) I also do jigsaw puzzles and play chess and checkers with my friends online, because sometimes it gets hard and lonely and you need a distraction so finding new ways to communicate with friends without just texting or talking is needed.

5- Reading, Linguistics, and other Skill Building. Whether it is trying to make new things I see from Mythical Kitchen, or Tasty’s Alvin, or brushing up on my asl or latin, I am a person who thrives on productivity. I need to be doing something and bettering myself some way in order to feel accomplished. There for I blog, and write books, but sometimes I also just want to take a bath and read and self care.

This was a super heave blog so I will be posting a lighter more fun one tomorrow or sometime later this week. I had fun writing it, so I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading everyone, stay safe and do not take a lot of stock off of what you see on social media. Keep Updated with WHO and CDC, and if you need some more positivity I saw this post and it helped me.

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