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Debunked: Event Planner Myths

Today we will be debunking the assumption that You have to be wealthy to hire an event planner.

It is commonly believed that event planners are only for the exceptionally wealthy. Many times people will not even consider looking for event planners because somehow we have become convinced that this is an unnecessary luxury. Well let’s look at that and see if we can debunk it

Do you pay for event planners?

  1. Yes, and of course some event planners cater to different crowds. So while you can easily pay 300$ an hour for a high end event planner who normally works exclusively with high profile clientele that is not your only option

  2. At Life’s Sweet Moments our ultimate goal is to plan an event you will love and that includes giving you the quality you want within the budget you have. We work with each client and what their event entails to come up with an hourly price that is reasonable for your situation and the business

But, I can plan my own event so why do I need an event planner?

  1. Can anyone plan an event? Sure but theoretically anyone can do surgery, or build a house but you would trust uncle Jimbob with no experience in the medical field to perform heart surgery on you, would you? While event planning is not life saving it is our lives. We plan events for a living this means that we know the most efficient way to give you the event you want. We have connections in the area of your event that we trust to give you excellent service and know the ins and outs of venues and traffic patterns and consider aspects of events that normally a person would not think of.

Surely there is no way I would save any money hiring an event planner?

  1. Not true at all! As event planners we are negotiators and event industry analysts. This means that while you have to work and maybe plan an event on the side our job would be planning your event. We can find the perfect venue for you price wise, lighting preferences, location, and so much more. We are businesswomen we negotiation. While a venue or cater may give you a certain price and will not budge our job is to always get a fair and best price for our clients. We have the connections to businesses for discounts and bundle pricing. Most importantly we have time. We will offer you options for your event varying different price levels on several aspects this way instead of going with the first place you find we do all the research and organization for you!

  2. At Life’s Sweet Moments we do not charge non profit organizations for help with any fundraising events they are looking to plan. We were able to work with a Chicago based nonprofit. We planned one of their annual events that they hosted the past 4 years and because of us they increased their event profit by 2,000 dollars! They held their event at a higher end venue than previous years and we were able to get them better auction items than in years past. This is what event planners do, we do everything to save you money but plan a high quality event.

Hiring an event planner actually saves you money, and time and resources. Event planners know where to cut costs without sacrificing quality, negotiate better prices, and have the connections to the best vendors for our clients.This is not a service only for the wealthy but rather anyone who wants to plan a great event and save money along the way!

You owe it to yourself next time you are planning an event to consider an event planner. To save the money. We would love to be there whether it is just a consultation appointment to help organize your thoughts, or an inquiry of how much an event you want would cost. And if you do decide to hire us full time as your event planners we promise that you will never regret it!

Send us inquiries at!

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