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Anniversaries and Sweet Moments

At work I got the opportunity to help a guest plan a 20th anniversary for his wife. He was from a small town in the middle of Ohio and they didn’t travel much, so he wanted to take her to “the big city”, aka Chicago. We talked dinner plans and hotel options, and everything that we discussed he wanted to make sure that it was something she would love. As an event planner I got some extra perks I could make for him. He booked a room at a great hotel downtown Chicago, where I was able to set up as a surprise for both him and his wife, a free upgraded room and wine and chocolates set up in the room upon his arrival. We found him a nice restaurant on the river because he mentioned how his wife loved the idea of being in the city but also seeing water. It seemed so fancy for her. I was beyond excited and happy to be able to help with this planning.

Maybe we are just romantics but this is what we love about event planning. It is getting to know our clients and those they plan events for. Like a couple who has been married for 20 years and the husband still gets that tone in his voice when he talks about how much his wife loves pineapples. It’s creating these little pockets in time a moment just for them. Planning events is not always planning large extravagant parties and weddings. It is planning intimate moments. Setting dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant or helping you book a vacation or friends trip. It is planning anniversary and babymoon weekends away. Being an event planner is taking all of the stress out of your event so all you are left with is a sweet moment you can remember years later.

Whether its coordinating a 20th anniversary trip or a large birthday party. We are whatever you need. We know we say that a lot but it’s true. This guy only asked for help securing a restaurant and a hotel room but we wanted to go that extra mile because we understand how important anniversaries are and how sweet the moment can be. Event planners are also business minded and conganzant so we know where to find deals and ways to upgrade an event without compromising quality.

We hope you will let us plan your next sweet moment! Send us an email if you are interested or have questions about planning with us!

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