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Wine Recomendations and Signature Drinks

Hello and welcome back to the blog! We have been writing a food blog in our down time and if you have not already go check it out at!

Antyways. Wedding season. It’s been a ride this summer, and you know how at wedding there is always the signature drink for the bride and the groom? I love this idea in events. I planned a bar fundraiser for a local non-profit and really pushed for them to have a signature drink or cocktail to better market their event bring in revenue for the venue but also the event.

Event Tip: if you are having a charity event or fundraising event at a bar, pub, or brewery always ask if they would be willing to sell a custom drink for your event where you can receive a percent of the profits. Most venues I have worked with are accommodating for this and willing to allocate per dollar. This is a easy cost free way to bring in more revenue to your event.

Even outside of charity events having a signature drink is a cost efficient way to make your event more personal. Any type of featured drink, wine, or beer works. We want to give you our top 5 Wine brands and will be linking recipes for some fun cocktail/ mocktail recipes.

This list contains a mix of non-alcoholic and alcoholic wines, we personally are allergic to alcohol plus drinking non-alcoholic wine is better for heart health and cholesterol levels. Also remember when drinking, make sure you are drinking responsibly and abiding by all governing laws. I am going to stop talking about it and just get to it.

Lauren’s 5 Wine Recommendations:

  1. Fre Wines:

  2. In terms of accessibility this is the best wine to get that is alcohol free. It is also gluten free, vegan and has a low caloric value than traditional wine. The aroma and flavors also battles that of traditional wines. It still has all the deep rich flavors of Merlot with out the alcohol.

  3. Pier Chavin Zero Wines:

  4. This is a more pricey and less accessible option. In terms of quality I believe it is worth it!

  5. Le Grand Cortage:

  6. Traditional Wine. Reasons to buy: 1) It’s Rose, 2) It is woman owned and supports nonprofits empowering women development. 3)Rose Day LA

  7. Field Stone Fruit Wines:

  8. Fruit wines is a unique and fun experience to bring to any event. This wine is made with environmentally conscious methods which is always great to support.

  9. Your Favorite Wine!

  10. Let’s keep in mind that I am a 22 year old non-alcohol drinker so whatever wine you love and want to share comment on this blog post or on any post in our social media and share and give them a shout out!

Signature Drinks Recipes:

  1. Lavender Shower Mimosa

  2. This is the perfect recipe for a baby shower. Can be made alcoholic or not, it is light and adorably fitting for the theme

  3. Summer Sangria Cooler

  4. Summer garden party or pool party this drink absolutely screams summer.

  5. The Ginger Lime

  6. Game night and Pizza Parties this is dark and great for homey events

  7. Cranberry Thyme Vodka Lemonade

  8. What is a summer party with out a little lemonade?

  9. You best event gin and tonic

  10. There are so many fun ways to customize this drink to meet your needs check out our favorite ones.

Are you Looking for an Event Planner? Check out Life’s Sweet Moments and follow along on our social media sites! Also send us an email with any questions or inquiries!

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