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Personalities and Preferences

Welcome back to the Blog! As you all know we took a little break in October as we had so much work with events of our own as well as still working other jobs. More importantly we needed the month to recenter and move back into a healthy mind space. We got the opportunity in October to reflect on perceptions vs personalities, kind of what someone may think of you when they just see your or even see your resume verses who you are based on your choices, preferences, morals, ectera.

We enjoyed doing a series in the month of September so we are going to do another one in November. This month’s theme is personality, a person’s personality plays a huge part into how we plan events for them. Personality plays a huge part from the decisions on event decor designs and color schemes to how much autoimmunity we as a company have within decision making for an event. Especially on the day of the event, when things tend to go wrong, being able to make decisions on the spot that you know your clients will like is an important part of being an event planner because we should be able to troubleshoot issues that arrive and still coordinate an event that our clients want. I worked a wedding where the mother of the groom and the couple had drastically different opinions and she would go behind their backs and change things in the decor with the florist and design teams and the day of the wedding the florist didn’t have the flowers the mother wanted and other floral design details and we had to tell the florist and design team to keep the original plans because at the end of the day it was their wedding and they are the ones who for whom we want the event to be special. More importantly we took that decision on and away from the mother on our own because we knew that the couple didn’t want to countermand the mother, so we did it and when she took complaint with the decision it was more on us than her family. This may sound counterintuitive but if having a guest an event upset with us is the cost for making that even seamless and stress free for the client we will gladly pay it. These little notes on a persons personality helps show event planners the directions we should take.

On today’s blog we are getting to the bones of a personality and talking preferences. I as the owner wanted to share a list of things that simply make me smile in life. Some of these things bring me sentimental joy, some entertainment, and some are just core pieces of who I am as a person. While you are reading my list, I encourage you to think about the mental picture that comes to mind when you think of who I am. Then think of a mental picture of what my dream party would look like based on this list. Create your own list then comeback next week for a fun Buzzfeedlike personality quiz!

15 Things That Make Me Smile

  1. Dancing

  2. Traveling

  3. Arts and crafts

  4. You know like painting and building stuff even though I am absolutely terrible at it.

  5. Singing

  6. Also terrible at it but it’s fun

  7. Tea

  8. Plants

  9. I love plants more than I love people most days. Also that should be a shirt I would totally buy it.

  10. Wrapping presents

  11. Comics

  12. Mainly DC, comic books, tv shows, but also kinda marvel movies?

  13. Reading

  14. Chocolate

  15. Okay, but is there anything better than a square of milk chocolate or like a bite of chocolate cake and you know you shouldn’t have it and your body will hate you later but it’s such a treat it makes me smile.

  16. Water

  17. Candles

  18. I am actually the person that changes the candles in my home depending on the season or my mood.

  19. Snow

  20. Tattoos

  21. Any Ed Sheeran Song

  22. Any time I get called into work I listen to Perfect Symphony love it.

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