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Life’s Sweet Moments: The Business

We here at Life’s Sweet Moments are strong believers in business transparency so we are publishing this article to give our consumers more insight into our business. As you all know we are officially launching our business on July 26th and we are offering 20% off initial consultation fees. If you do not understand what this means or why it is important you will by the end of this blog post.

Also stick with me the first part will be a little business terminology heavy.

What is Life’s Sweet Moments as a business?

We are a privately owned sole proprietorship for profit business, with charitable giving. This means that first and foremost our business is owned by our founder Lauren. There is no board, shareholders, or backers that are determining business directions. This company does not participate in trades and we have no current plans to change this. So no matter how big the company will grow we want to be able to operate on this personal of a level and our consumers know that when we make business decisions it is for them not to appease or benefit a funding board. Also our business has, for lack of a better term, one ceo/owner and operator. We are a for profit business with charitable giving, this basically means that our financial goals are to grow and expand our profit that goes back into our business. We donate a considerable amount of our profits to the nonprofit organizations we support but the financial aim of this organization is to maximize profit for the owner and business.

Now that we have all the technical information of the business out there, lets talk about the fun stuff!

What is an Event Consultation?

  1. An event consultation is just a meeting after we email and get an idea about who you are as a client and what event you would like to have. The initial consultation is where I can bring venue and vendor suggestions and event production proposals that you can look over and we can narrow down and began planning your event. Some events that are more complex will have a few of these meetings to make sure everything is on the track that you like or to change something. It is just a time to sit down client and planner and talk about how things are going and the direction we would like to move on into.

What makes Life’s Sweet Moments so special?

We are an event planning business but we shape our business around our consumers and community!

  1. It’s All about you. Our Client!

  2. In most event planning business, in order to hire a planner there is usually a minimum hour fee that is somewhat high. As well as the hourly rate being rather expensive.

  3. Life’s Sweet Moments is here to work with you and plan an event that you love, financially and physically. We work with your budget and your event. You get to tell us how you need our help. We are your resource. If you want to hire us solely for suggestions on venues, or other vendors we can do that. If you need us only to help pre day of prep work we can do that. If you need help getting organized and just starting off your event. Or you need us to do it all we absolutely do that. We are analysts we work within your budget to give you the event you want. We do not believe that you should compromise quality for monetary resources. We also will never leave you high and dry. If you would like to be more economically considerate in your event we can work an hourly plan that works for you. You are the client and the only way you will have an event that is perfect for you is to be honest with us as your planners and yourself with your limitations.

  4. It’s also about our nonprofits

  5. When you hire us as your event planners we let you know that a certain percentage of the event production costs goes to a specific non-profit. That non profit will be listed in the agreements so that you know which charity benefited by your business. There is no additional fee for this if you express that you wish not to contribute to a non-profit the entirety of the fee goes to the business, because we are a for profit company. If you have a non-profit in mind and want your event charges to go to that organization you can give us the organization and we will do checks for validity and it can absolutely go towards it.

  6. We wanted to keep our list intimate so that we can really impact these amazing organizations. Now the company may host events for other nonprofits but as far as our financial support These are the organizations that Life’s Sweet Moments currently supports:

  7. Together We Rise

  8. Corazon De Vida Foundation

  9. Special Olympics

What other fun stuff do you offer?

  1. Referral Codes. When you hire us as planners we will give you a discount code to share with family and friends and their initial consultation will be comped and you will receive and discount.

  2. VIP Events. Like we mentioned above sometimes we will host events where a select number of tickets will be sold and a certain non-profit will supported. Or recruitment events, or general events. Depending on the event sometimes we will post on our social media pages about ticket purchasing info, or we will only extend an invite to clients or certain influencers. So it is always great to follow our social media and email for consultations.

  3. Soc. Meids. Our social media is the best way to keep up to date on everything LSM Events

  4. Twitter: @LSMEvents

  5. Instagram: @lifessweetmoments

  6. Facebook: Life’s Sweet Moments

As Always if you ever have a question or want to set up an event consultation send us an email at

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