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Kick off Week in Review: Event Trends

Hello All and welcome back to the blog! Since today is friday we wanted to take time and summarize our week and give you all the space to weigh in on some of the things we spoke about and ideas we discussed!

On our twitter @lifessweetmoments we like to do polls so the polls we did to this date were:

Baking Trends which out of the lists would you like to see more of

Savory desserts

Natural Colors

Asian Flavors

Reinvented Classics

We personally love natural colors sticking closer to the colors naturally found in the environment has a more elegant and classic fit in our opinion. But what do you all think??

We also asked: Wine trends? Everyone knows that every good event has to have an alcoholic staple and wine is a popular one. Which of these popular 2018 wine trends do you want to learn more about?

Fruit Wines

Unique International Wines

Vegan Wines

Non Alcoholic Wines

As someone who can not really consume alcoholic beverages we are all for the non alcoholic trend. We can still participate in the ambiance that is wine but without the side effects.

If you haven’t read our previous blogs the owner of Life’s Sweet Moments told us more into who she is personal and how she started this business. She spoke about some of the important people that had a hand in her making that decision.

Thank you so much for this great kick of week on our blog. We will see you next week and as always if you are ever curious about what we do as event planners or just want to inquire about hiring us to plan an event. Send us an email at

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