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Hottest Chicago Venues: Summer Edition

It is Summer! That means sun, vacations, rooftop bars and hanging out with friends. For all our readers in the Chicago area here are 5 venues for your next event this summer!

This is the epitome of summer! You can rent private  cabanas, sunbeds, or daybeds on the beach with a cooler and bottle service. The interior with its open and light design is giving us serious Cali vibes and we are so here for it.  No matter the event that you are planning this summer this venue is versatile and fits. Want a girls day out? Check. Wedding? Check? Baby showers, bridal shower? Check, Check. Plus this business’s social media marketing skills are so on point if you are not already, finish reading this article and go follow them on Instagram! 

Summer in Chicago means Rooftop season for bars and restaurants. One place you must add to your summer bucket list is streeterville social. I mean even their name is Instagram trendy and that should tell you about the feel of this place. It is so photo-esque from its prime view of the city to the aesthetics of the venue itself. Their food and drinks are trendy and Instagram worthy but also affordable and deliciously well made. If you are looking for the perfect birthday celebration or just a night out with friends location we recommend giving them a try!

If you are visiting Chicago or simply having a stay-cation definitely look into staying at the Langham Hotel. We have worked with them on multiple occasions when we assist for weddings and the staff is always so happy and caring and that is something we highly value in a place where we are going to be staying or sleeping. They are in a prime location in the city to get several types of food or nightlife activities or you can simply head up to their roof for a night out- in. Even though this is a hotel with the design of the building and its open concept it feels like you are on a summer vacay whether you are in the room the wellness center or just the bar.

We as travelers and curious people in general love hidden gems. In chicago there are so many of these places and this is the one you NEED on your bucket list this summer. It is a rooftop venue but is casual family friendly and just fun. Life sized board games are all the rage this summer and this place has tons. Birthday Parties or general hangout events this is the place to go. We love the mix casual and quirkiness. It’s a place that you would want to make a regular occurrence at and destress after work or hang out with friends all summer. It’s warm and homey and somewhere you could make your new summer hangout spot. 

The thing we love most about summer is the fact that for some reason it’s the self declared time for you to get together with friends. While visiting Chicago and experiencing the nightlife this is the place to go.  It is a bar and restaurant but also spy themed with escape rooms and riddles. It is a new and unique experience to kick off your weekend. It is so fun all around. If you are up to the challenge check it out.


Hello amazing readers we hope you enjoyed our suggestions on places to try in chicago this summer! A few notes about his article: 1) All photos were provided by the company’s websites and or social media outlets so please head over to their accounts and give em a like for their photo skills but also because they are amazing places. 2) This post was not sponsored in anyway all opinions and views in this post was solely based our our blog writer! 3) We also chose these places not to say other venues in chicago are not amazing but the list was so long like hundreds of locations and we went with these five, we may post additional ones later in the summer.

We hope you enjoyed and will try and support these business if you know of a place we should try either in chicago or your city please comment on them down below. Also as always share and like!

Also don’t forget that if you or anyone you know is in need of an event planner this summer we will be giving away 2 VIP Complete Planning packages for our launch on July 26th. To enter just email us at or like and tag a friend in our instagram post!

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