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Event Types: Parties

We Recently had a comment to post more about our previous post “Event Season is Coming” We will be starting a series on the types of events that can be planned but more specifically what events we plan. Today’s topic is Parties!

Party, a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment. Commonly when people hear party we think loud music and dancing and house party scenes, but they hold more complexity than just a house party. We could honestly do a blog series on the different types of parties but we will list a few of our favorites to plan and tips on how to make that party a blast and to stand out.

Tasting Party

This event can be anything from a wine tasting, to a steak tasting, to even a coffee tasting. Yes I have surprisingly large amount of people who would love that. This is the type of events that can be great for team or community building.

Event Tip: A great way to bond with your group is to try to find out everyone’s preferences and challenging them with something new. That is what will really make this event great for everyone.

How We Can Help: From booking the perfect venues to acquiring the stock for the testing we will maintain organized and make sure the event is all elegance and new experiences

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

These are fun because there are so many elements that can be involved and fun tricks event planners can do to make the event that much better. From flights and hotels to dinners and coordinated outfits the potential is endless. We love when brides make a weekend of it but even just doing a day to celebrate with your bridal party can be the most fun.

Event Tip: The best thing to keep in mind with this event is to have a schedule, backup plans, and alternatives. It’s important to have a schedule to go by so you can optimize your time and things you want to do, but also keeping in mind everyone’s financial situations and whether a day out or weekend away fits everyone’s schedules and needs. We suggest giving yourself 4 months to plan this event.

How We Can Help: We can do all the strategic things like making spreadsheets on everyone’s availability and finances to pick the most optimal activities and event themes and types. We do schedule bride/groom guest lists. Taking all the information on what the bridal parties want verse what is plausible. This way our clients can simply enjoy their party.

Launch Party

We love launch parties maybe it has to do with us just launching our business, but we strongly believe the way you kick off a new business sets the mindset on how the business will run. We think that launch party’s should be physical manifestation of all your hopes and dreams for your business.

Event Tip: The main point of a launch party is to show what your business has to offer and to get people talking and sharing about it. Make it social media buzz-worthy, which means decor needs to be a significant amount of the budget.

How We Can Help: This will operate similar to the way we interact with non profits being very meticulous with how the budget is spent and consistently analyzing your spending on this party and the potential direct pay offs. That way the client can be concerned on making the party about their business.

Birthday Parties

This is the most common type of parties that we get requests to help plan. Birthdays are like mini weddings, an event where you want to focus on yourself and enjoy the day. When it comes to birthday parties they should be an event filled with the people you care about and doing something that makes you happy.

Event Tip: This event can be easy to pull off as long as the birthday person is having fun it’s pretty much a success so don’t over think things focus on what will make the event fun and enjoyable, throw in some food and call it a day.

How We Can Help: Whether it is a surprise party or someone who is looking to make the party a bit more special and extra we are here to help. We help by doing day of decor set up, venue reservations, organizing transportation and lodgings.

Dinner Party

We also love dinner party because there’s so much room for customization and unique throw ins. You can have a cookie exchange for the holidays and just hang out with family and cook and bake or it’s planning an entire engagement announcement dinner with all your friends and family

Event Tip: What makes a dinner party is the moments it creates, so getting a group together to cook and bake is what will really make this event the best. Most dinner parties are intimate affairs, and planning some entertainment during the night can really elevate this event.

How We Can Help: With this specific type of party we like for our clients to talk to us and tell us where they need help or ideas they are unsure of how to implement and we can do it. Whether it is organizing a grocery and supply delivery or even making reservations at a venue we are here to make this event amazing.

Thanks for reading the blog we help with all types of parties so if you are interested or have questions about a specific event send us an email at

Are you Looking for an Event Planner? Check out Life’s Sweet Moments and follow along on our social media sites! Also send us an email with any questions or inquiries!

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