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Event Types: Charity Events

We Recently had a comment to post more about our previous post “Event Season is Coming” We will be starting a series on the types of events that can be planned but more specifically what events we plan. We put out a poll on what event type should start and Charity Events Won!

Welcome to the Event Types series this week we will be discussing charity events. A charity event is any type of event whose primary purpose is t raise money and awareness for a cause. These events can be hosted by a non profit (501(C)(3)) organization or by an individual for a non profit organization.

Picking a favorite event type is like choosing a favorite child but this is for sure a fun type. I personally like these types of events because 1) These are the events that got me started in event planning. 2) It is the best thing to see the impact that non-profit organizations have on the community and individuals. 3) You always learn new ways and techniques on how to raise money with these events.

Antyways Let’s Get to it:

Essentials for Planning a Charity Event:

  1. We encourage all our clients to really consider this point as the most important. Having a clear and decisive budget will maximize on profits and revenue. This will allow you to move within the areas responsibilities and also gives you an idea of what venues and vendors you may be able to negotiate with and which ones you should avoid.

  2. The number 1 mistakes I have seen with non-profits is them not wanting to set a budget and then spending thousands on a event that brings in less revenue making the entire event useless.

  3. Sponsorship and Donations:

  4. The majority of your revenue and event income should derive from sponsors and donors. The less personal funds put into the event the better. This also means that having someone whose main responsibility is research and contacting for sponsors and donors is a must. Getting sponsors and donors is not just getting money it is developing relationships and gaining publicity.

  5. Theme:

  6. We encourage our nonprofits to start 3 things super early: budgeting, sponsor contact, and theme. This theme is your marketing point, will be the center focus of social media and promotional items. Most donation applications require a theme as well. The thought that goes into choosing a theme will show in the long run.

  7. Venue:

  8. Obviously you need a venue to host your event. More importantly you need a venue that aligns with your organization or event. The venue coordinator and staff will be your best friends because they are the ones that will set the tone for your event. The participants will see their staff and interact with their staff the most so be cognizant of that when making a decision on venue.

  9. Marketing

  10. SO SO SO Very important. This is the medium for you to gain participants, volunteers but more importantly to do the main purpose of this event: raising money and awareness. Start and maintain the conversation about the cause that you want to raise money for on social media, most importantly do not forget just because the event is over do not let your sites go dormant.

Time Commitments:

  1. 10 Months– We like to tell clients if they are planning a charity event to give themselves 10 months and her is why.

  2. 5 Months– Venue

  3. I like to tell clients to look at 3 different venues and always do your best to to look around and keep in mind the value the venue is offering, location, parking and overall atmosphere verses what they expect you to pay.

  4. 4 Months- Sponsors and Donors

  5. Getting donors and sponsors is building a relationship. The goal should be to reach out to these places prior to the start of the fiscal year to increase the probability of getting a sizable donation. A common misconception is that whenever you need something for an event to just ask for it for free but sometimes developing the relationship with that business and showing them that you care about their company beyond what they can do for you will be more beneficial.

  6. 3 Months– Volunteers

  7. More likely than not you will need volunteers and unless you have a group already assembled give yourself 3 months to gather and vet volunteers. One of my contacts at the boys and girls club Chicago once told me that as the director of volunteers the hardest job isn’t getting volunteers but maintaining it because volunteering is like going to the gym of course everyone wants to do it but its work and commitment.

  8. Bonus Tip: the best way to get and maintain volunteers is to give them jobs that make them feel useful. Having 6 volunteers work on the name for an event while you and your team takes care of everything else will make it hard to retain the help when it is needed.

What roles can we as an Event Planning Business play in this event type:

  1. Hands On:

  2. We offer the services like planning any event, from organizing venues to budget management and setting the client up with donations and sponsors.

  3. We do only offer this option to a few select clients a year, solely because of the amount of time involved and we do not want to compromise the quality of an event as important as a charity event because we are juggling to many clients at once. We want to offer you the same dedication we offer the rest of our clients.

  4. Send your inquires to:

  5. Hands Off:

  6. For clients that we are not able to help plan their charity event. We sell our charity event packet that has all the templates and information to guide you through the event you are trying to plan. Once you let us know the event you have in mind we will send you a customized packet.

  7. Send your inquires to:

Are you Looking for an Event Planner? Check out Life’s Sweet Moments and follow along on our social media sites! Also send us an email with any questions or inquiries!

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