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Event Planners Guide: Day 1

So you want to plan an event? Eh?

We understand that not everyone can hire a professionally event planner. This is a new series of blogs once a month that we hope is going to help you guys out with planning your event. Small tips and tricks, we, as event planners use to always stay calm and plan successful events.

Day 1:

You know how in writing class in school they always say “write your paper in funnel form. Just word vomit like 20 pages and then go through and condense and refine.” This is exactly what to do with an event.

On the first day you plan your ultimate dream event. Write down everything you would love to see at your event, close your eyes and what do you see, what colors are the plates and tables and decor, what atmosphere is in the room, what music do you hear. What is everyone wearing? I know it sounds crazy but this helps you get all your ideas out there early on. It gives you a jumping off point for your event.

Why should I do this if I may not even be able to afford it?

Many times the first thing people do is plan a budget and start working within that box. But when you start off your event without financial constraints you can develop the feeling you want from your event and narrow down later. So you have your list of everything you want at your event. Go through and start the things that are a must. If its a fundraiser and you want awesome auction items star it and highlight it. If it is your birthday and you wanted something innovative and fancy like a champagne/rose wall. Star it and highlight it. This means you can prioritize your wants first, so when you introduce your financial budget and organize necessities you don’t choose the first thing you want but you have a list of things you can add to your event.

When is “Day 1”?

When you are not working with a professional event planner my suggestion is to always start earlier than later. It’s better to be ahead of schedule than behind, because problems WILL arise. You should give yourself the time to troubleshoot. Also because you wont have the resources and network of a professional event planner where we could get you 5k off catering or hotel comps you wont have that luxury unless you have personal connections, so you need to give yourself to research all major avenues of your event. Research venues and the cheapest dates to book an event during your desired time frame. Research caterers and bakeries/ candy makers for best prices for the level of your event. Decorations, ect. Allow time to have things shipped and also time for if a shipment is incorrect. I always say start when the idea hits your head. If its your birthday today and you want to have a party next year take out notes on your phone and start writing what you want. You find out your pregnant and know you want a baby shower jot down your notes. Day one is an easy way to begin getting organized and organization will lead to an amazing event!

I hope you all enjoyed these tips and tricks about planning an event. Look out for the rest of the series. If you have questions about how to start your event you can comment below. As always never forget we as event planners are here to help you in any capacity necessary. So if you just need help getting organized getting vendor or budget help. We are here as a resource for you so utilize us. If you or anyone you know has an event coming up send us an email at

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