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Effort is Cool Again

On our Instagram (@lifessweetmoments) we like to do a motivation Monday to get our followers’ weeks off to a great start! For a fun blog today we thought we would write a post today for some motivation this week. This article came about while we were perusing Instagram today and saw a post by Connor Carrick (NHL New York Devils defenseman) talking about the importance of always putting in effort and trying to by your very best. One phrase he used really caught out eye:

“To truly accept the vulnerability of going “all in” is bold.” Connor Carrick

This is such a powerful statement. For all my entrepreneurs, college students entering the real world work force or maybe just someone taking that step to pursue their dreams we all understand how terrifying it is. This is applicable in all facets of life, it could be as simple as a new makeup routine or hairstyle that you love but is not the social norm or whatever it is. It’s always terrifying taking that first step out of your comfort zone. The pay off is so much higher than anything in your comfort zone. To have even the smallest accomplishment on something you put your all into, is one of the best feelings in the world. Mainly because it’s like the essence of yourself and we know that it’s easy to excel at something that we are naturally good in if we compare ourselves to others, but to truly do the best that we can do in all things we do is something to be proud of. 

To end this short and sweet monday article we wanted to say that for everyone who reads this keep going and putting in your whole selves into everything you do this week and every week. We know it means countless sleepless nights and so much doubt but in the end it will be worth so much more than stress we endure.

Have a great week everyone!

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