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Coffee Cakes and Wedding Dates

Welcome back to the blog. I just wanted to touch a little on the increasing rate of unconscious and conscious environmental consideration in our daily lives and in event planning!

Last Saturday I did my normal routine. I refilled my reusable coffee cup at Starbucks with Caramel iced coffee with soy milk ( I am trying to get away from almond milk because of the amount of water it needs to be produced but I really love it) and ⅓ part sugar (yes I am one of those) and headed to my wedding venue for the day.

I had a future bride shadowing that day to learn more about what we do as planners, specifically our company, and I got the chance to speak with her about her wishes for her wedding. Half way through the day she asked “About how feasible is it possible to have a zero waste wedding reception without spending a ton of money.” She explained to me how when she first began planning the wedding she thought it would be simple but it quickly grew overwhelming and she wanted to know if she would be wasting her time.

We began discussing zero waste wedding cakes, bamboo cutlery, virtual invitations, and innovative place setting cards. By the end of the day we had a game plan for a wedding that produced no environmental, light, or water pollution. Down to little things like buffet style vs served plates to cut down on food waste and even going with alcohol brands that used less water for the production of their beverages.

We have seen a steady increase of the demand for social responsibility since around 2013 in the business world. Doing “green” and “clean” business became mainstream. People began demanding to know how the companies they supported were impacting the environment and what they were doing to offset their ecological and carbon footprint.

In events especially weddings we are always looking to make an event that is unique and stands out. This bride found it. To share her and her fiance’s day with consideration for the environment is a huge step in events.

Soon all of our coffee cakes and wedding dates will be protecting the environment without a second thought.

Thanks for reading! As always if you are interested in hiring an event planner shoot us an email for a free first consultation info Inquiry:

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